"The very existence of the bicycle is an offence to reason and wisdom."

                                          P J O'Rourke


Pedalpalooza is a great collection of mind blowing pedal powered conveyances for all to experience and enjoy. It is as much fun for the participant as it is the spectator. A riding arena is established where participants can ride each and every creation. A level and smooth surfaced riding arena can be as small as a full size basketball court (~100' X  50') yet a larger space is better to allow more room to test your skills of balance and coordination on the various challenging vehicles. Our staff will prepare and supervise the activity whether it's a fair, festival, personal, business or organized gathering. This is a fun and engaging activity both physically and mentally that get people up and moving while stimulating the imagination and creative part of the brain. Spectators laugh, yell encouragement, and applaud while watching their friends, family, and strangers alike test their abilities on cycles that are not normal. It keeps people at your event guaranteed. 

Here are a few of the vehicles in the Pedalpalooza stable:

​Fish Trike, Book Bike, unicycles, swing bike, tall bike, switchblade bike, tandem, recumbent, adult sized quad cycles, kid sized quad cycles, Samaria Phat (a really fat tired bike), spin cycles, bouncy clown bike, a schwinn classic, the hammerhead, the Legway, the copper chopper, microbike, the Yin Yang bike, sidewalk surfer, a Green Machine, the ball trike, the mini ordinary, a few kiddie rides and more creations added each year.​

Book the original Pedalpalooza at your next event! Contact us today through this website, by phone 303-761-9655, or mail 4070 S Jason St Englewood, CO 80110 to find out more and schedule the fun.