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Pedal Positive Bicycle Amusement And Entertainment


      "The very existence of the bicycles is an offense to reason and wisdom ."

                                                                                                      P.J. O'Rourke

"Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race."                                                                          H.G. Wells

Pedal Positive                    4070 South Jason Street Englewood, Colorado 80110                     303-761-9655        

     Pedalpalooza is a large collection of odd and unusual pedal powered conveyances that allow participants to test their skills. In an open "riding arena" you can select a wild beast to attempt to tame or pick a mild mannered steed to parade around on. The Pedalpalooza stable is full of a wide range of rides to be enjoyed with new ones joining the heard each year. There are over thirty different cycles to sample. One wheelers, two wheelers, three wheelers, four wheelers, tall bikes, small bikes, swing bikes, choppers, drifters, fat tires, tandems, scooters, penny farthing, pedal go karts, even a fish trike, and many more.

     Pedal Positive has entertained boys and girls, men and women all over Colorado and neighboring states at fairs, festivals, schools, and community functions since 1999. Pedalpalooza keeps the crowds amused, active, and engaged for long periods of time at any given event. Weather you're trying to tame the wildest one, impress that special someone watching on the sidelines, or just delighting in the ability to stay balanced on something that was not built to be easily ridden, everyone smiles and laughs.

     Contact Pedal Positive today to schedule us at your next event. All you need is a space to create the riding arena (about the size of a regulation basketball court about 50' by 100') and some fun loving folks who want to try something new and different! We bring all the staff and equipment needed. Pedal Positive created Pedalpalooza as bicycle amusement and entertainment for all to experience and enjoy.