movement amusement\  moov-mhnt uh-myooz-mhnt\ n:  the craft of people powered entertainment syn  see Pedal Positive

Pedal Positive brings human powered entertainment such as pedal tractor pulls and a thing called Pedalpalooza a collection of rideable art right to your event. Pedal positive can also build custom pedal powered conveyances that are only limited to your imagination and maybe the laws of physics.

Think Positive........................Pedal Positive

"When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race."                                                                      

                                                                                                 H.G. Wells


" I just rode the bike (Longmont Public Library Bookcycle) 4 miles yesterday afternoon and it was super duper fun!"

                                                                         Amy F.

                                                                         Bilingual Children's Librarian

                                                                         Longmont Public Library

"That is the coolest bike I've ever seen. Can I ride It?"

                                                                       Mark S.

                                                                       Pedalpalooza participant

                                                                       B.A.S.H. Basalt , CO

"This is a dream come true! This is a pedal powered mobile library. We are breaking the confines of the physical library, we're taking it to the streets."

                                                                         Zac L.

                                                                         Denver Librarian

                                                                         Denver Public Library

"Thank you for making our school fun. I tried almost all of your bikes except the ones I couldn't reach the pedals. I liked all of them."

                                                                         Sarah A.

                                                                       Our Lady of Lourdes School

                                                                         Denver, CO


Check out the "custom library book bikes" article in  American Librabries magazine featuring    Pedal Positive